This is how we do it

Providing the perfect backdrop for your musical journey. Our audio solutions, which includes high-fidelity streaming software and music streamers, a recrafted to deliver exceptional sound quality without compromising on user-friendly style

Our Mission

Delivering the best musical exprience

Who we are

Volumio was founded by Michelangelo Guarise, who spearheads a dedicated team of creative minds, engineers, music enthusiasts, and audiophiles, all united by a common mission to bring exceptional sound and stylish design to a broader audience. 

With a hands-on approach to product development and manufacturing, he and the Volumio team ensure the highest quality standards are met, crafting a unique audio experience

Florence Italy

Volumio finds its roots in the heart of Florence, Italy, a city steeped in a rich tapestry of craftsmanship and history. Inspired by the legacy of Italian artisans, we are dedicated to delivering the utmost in audio quality and design. Our mission is to forge a profound connection with our discerning listeners, bringing the enduring artistry of Italian sound to the global stage. 

Our Story

Where every phase adds a new note to our melody of progress!


Volumio project begins as a hobby


Volumio Company is born


100K installations milestone on the Volumio app

JUNE 2018

Release of our Freemium platform MyVolumio


Launch of the first Volumio product, Volumio Primo

APRIL 2019

300K installations milestone


Volumio Primo wins EISA Awards as world’s Best Digital Source.


Launch of new line of products, Volumio Rivo, Volumio Integro and Volumio Primo (V2).

JUNE 2023

Launch of Volumio AI: The artificial intelligence assistant for music discovery and playlist creation.


Volumio Rivo wins EISA Awards as world’s Best Digital Source.

MARCH 2024

Volumio Streaming solutions are awarded the prestigious IF Design Award.

MAY 2024

Volumio releases Motivo, its flagship premium product.


Volumio proudly holds the distinction of being a two-time EISA Award winner, a testament to our unwavering commitment to audio excellence. Our dedication to superior sound quality and innovative design has been recognized by experts in the industry, reaffirming our position in the world of audio


At Volumio, more than creating an ecosystem for audio enhancement, we believe sharing our knowledge can make a difference in the future of audio. As a current step on this purpose, Volumio joined MPAI as a founding member, supporting the mission of developing standards for efficient use of Artificial Intelligence in the audio industry.volumio-mpai-ai


Everything we do is driven by our love for music. We aim to continue building a community, a movement towards continuously better audio products, and we believe collective collaboration and freedom of participation is the best way to get there.

Our Awards

Recensione Volume Primo

Meet the team

Meet the Volumio band members, each person adds their unique note to our collaborative performance

Michelangelo Guarise
CEO & Project Founder

The “deus ex machina” of Volumio. His passion for music  is how it all began.

sergio visinoni
Sergio Visinoni

Team leader of Volumio's software engineering team

Francesco Musi
Financial and Administration Specialist

He keeps our finances and administration in tune, making sure every operation hits the right note 

Stefania Lanfranco
Human Resources

An early team member of the Volumio family, Stefania is extremely competent HR with many talents! 

Nicola Sigonri
Sales Manager

Takes care of our beloved partners. Over the years, Nicola has been working with many brands to establish relationships with key partners

Dario Murgia
Hardware Engineer

Building great pieces of hardware for many years, things you like and didn’t know you needed. 

Alia Elsaady
Marketing Manager

She passionately represents our brand, blending her talents in visuals and text to create a powerful impact

Bruno Bottari
Cost Controller

Ensuring every step of Volumio Products from procurement to the end customer is complete.

marco melziade
Marco Melziade
Customer Care

Takes care of helping our customers get the best experience from Volumio

Davide D'alberto
Tech Support & QA Specialist

Takes care of all Volumio customers, he knows how things should work and will happily show it to you!

stefani struzzi
Stefania Struzzi

Brings fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to our projects

dean hartley
Dean Hartley
HW Strategy Lead

Commercially focussed and proven CTO/CCO with over 30 years experience in product development, delivery and innovation

gianluca altomani
Gianluca Altomani
Software Developer

Senior Software Engineer shaping the future of music listening

luigi barbato
Luigi Barbato
Devops and Devex

Senior DevOps expert shaping the future of music listening

leo reboul
Leo Reboul
OEM Team

Helping our partners succeed thanks to Volumio OEM technologies


joel reboul
Joel Reboul
Strategic Advisor

Serial tech startup exec and founder with multiple exits. 

sonia fallani
Sonia Fallani
Financial Advisor

Financial and administrative manager with 35+ years experience

tomas ortiz ferrer
Tomas Ortiz Ferrer
Industrial Design

The man behind Volumio's award-winning designs

Our Partners

Volumio Srl
Borgo Albizi 15.
Firenze, 50121. Italy
P.IVA 07009020483

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