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It’s been almost a year when we first released the Music & Artists Credit Discovery feature on MyVolumio. And not long after we started our personal album reviews from the Volumio team members on our socials channels and here on the blog.

As we were receiving such great responses from these features, we thought…”What about giving a music album recommendation, where not only you listen to the album tracks and that’s it, but you also get to know everything that comprises it, and in one single newsletter? This is exactly what here at Volumio did in collaboration with Music Expert Jacques Krischer.  Today I’m so happy to introduce to you this new initiative called Music Letter.

What is Music Letter?

A newsletter that gives you the chance to discover, or rediscover every weekend a music album. In today’s world there is so much information out, and to keep track of it can be such an overwhelming process, this is why we created Music Letter. You might have listened to an album, but have you thought about all the stories behind the process and growth of it?

We believe that not only the melody or the tracks; but the whole story, the thought process, the after-releasing events that go into the album is what makes it more fascinating to listen to it and enjoy it to the fullest. Each week, we choose one album and gather all the information associated with it (this is carefully searched, compiled and written by the great Musicologist Jacques).

You will find info such as Review, Production Facts, Links to listen to it on different platforms, events that happened on the day of the release, trivia about the album and artists, a fun treat, and much more!

Music Letter brings you all the fun and interesting resources behind the album you love or behind an album (or albums) you’ve never heard of… but might be your favorite one. You can expect albums we are sure you will enjoy, new or old-school artists, and a mix of genres to explore different music choices. One space to give you all the music resources and recommendations along the way, in an entertaining approach. Paid once for a year, and every weekend we will send the newsletter straight to your inbox.

The newsletter is €29 a year and to be more specific, this is what you will receive every weekend in the newsletter:

  • Album Presentation,
  • Review,
  • Productions Facts,
  • Links to listen to it on your preferred music server,
  • Trivia related to the album/artist, and even
  • Historical/Music Events with the date associated with the album/artist.

And to make it more entertaining, a fun quiz to test your music knowledge. :nerd_face:

Our goal with Music Letter is to give in one single space all the information related to a music album, in an enjoyable but detailed way.



Why is it going to be paid?

We are doing this because we love music and what we do. But unfortunately love does not pay for our email server, web hosting, the Music Letter team’s lunch… Jokes aside, as we are doing this in collaboration with a Music Expert, all the information you get it’s carefully searched, compiled and written, giving accurate material and what we believe is quality content.

Since you made it all the way here on this post, I would like to invite you to try it out and know what your thoughts are on it.

Sign up, receive your first newsletter (for free!) and let us know what your feelings are about it.

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