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        Book your Live Support Session

        A dedicated space for all Volumio users to book a one-on-one private live session with our Support Specialist, where we will help and guide you in order to get the full benefit Volumio can provide.

        The one-on-one live support session includes:

        • 1:1 video conference with Volumio Support Specialist.
        • Training session with availability to ask open-ended questions.
        • Troubleshooting Assistance and Training Guide via remote control software (Volumio Support Specialist will remotely access your device for an in-depth assistance. For this, you will need to download Teamviewer remote control software).

        Language: English and/or Italian

        Duration: We provide a 30-minutes and 1-hour session. Choose below your preferred duration of the session.

        When: After clicking on your preferred length of time, you can choose the desired date according to availability.

        Where: After booking your session, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to access your private live session.

        Cost: €20 for 30-minutes private session. €30 for 60-minutes private session.

        € 20

        30 minutes session

        € 30

        1 hour session

        If you have a Volumio Primo Hi-Fi Edition here is a FREE 1-hour session!