Fizzly: The First Creative Smart Tag on Kickstarter

There’s a bit of Volumio in Kickstarter…

Dear guys, as some of you may know, I also have a real job. I usually describe it with: ” I do things, I make stuff”.

And sometimes I’m quite proud of the outcomes of my contributions. Today I’m really glad to announce that my team is now on Kickstarter with a fresh, groundbreaking and exciting project: Fizzly .




Quoting from our Kickstarter campaign page:

Fizzly is a stylish smart tag that detects movements, events and actions: just wear or place it on anything you like and pair it with your smartphone or tablet, then choose one of the Fizzly apps on your device and step into a totally new experience.

Fizzly will track motion while an app on your smart device will do the rest, creating new amazing kinds of interactions.

Fizzly can be placed everywhere to track movements and let you enhance everything you wish, from everyday objects to your children’s toys. For example it can be easily fitted to a foam ball or teddy bear to add fun sound effects through your device. It can be clipped to your shoe to count how many times you can juggle a soccer ball. It can be stuck to your skateboard, tennis racket or golf club to measure the power of your performances. It can be attached to objects in your home like a chair or door to connect them to your social network, so that, for example, you could automatically tweet to your colleagues whenever you have entered the office.

You can discover everything about Fizzly on The Kickstarter Campaign Page

No need to say that I put into this adventure the same passion and effort you can find in Volumio . And of course, one of the first application of Fizzly Smart Tag will be to serve as a motion triggered remote control for Volumio Music Playback (swype to skip tracks, rotate to change Volume…) .

So, if you like the idea, contribute and make this happen! In any case, don’t forget to share it!

Really eager also to know your opinions and feedbakcs. What you would like to do with it? Which integration you want to see in Volumio for it? How do you imagine it to be useful for you?  Let me know via comment below or comment on Kickstarter 


UPDATE: If you ever wondered how do Volumio’s dad look like, here are your answers… And you can learn how flexible, funny and easy to use Fizzly is:

So, no wonder that integrating Fizzly with Volumio will be one of my first steps…

So, come on guys! Support us and Pledge Fizzly now do add a whole lot of superpowers to your devices!


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