HiFimeDIY products available on Volumio Shop

A new selection of great quality\price Audio gear has just landed on Volumio’s shop!

HiFimeDIY is a China-based audio gear manufacturer, best known for the high quality\price ratio of their products. So we thought they were just a perfect fit for our shop!

So, please welcome a curated selection of their product directly available trough Volumio Shop. Let’s discover them:


We are really glad to introduce two highly regarded DACs, famous for their great bang for the buck ratio. The HiFime Sabre USB DAC ES9023, an entry level ESS9023 based DAC, and the HiFime Sabre 9018 USB DAC which is the less expensive way to have a ESS9028 USB DAC. We truly believe that those would be the perfect match for people wanting to get their first USB DAC, or those in need of a good DAC\Headphone Amp at a resonable price.


And we finally filled the gap on accessories, as we now can offer cables on our Shop. No fancy or snake oil stuff here: but good quality, good built cables.

Of course, this is just an initial selection, since we plan to add more HiFimeDIY products on the future, based on your appreciation and suggestions! So, if there are new products you would like to see included, let us know!

And, to celebrate this new great addition to our offering we are repeating our launch promotion:

The first 2 people who buy any of the new HiFimeDIY products and write a review on them (on the product page) will receive a refund for the item  (one item per customer, shipping costs excluded)


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