Volumio Audiophile Music Player for Cubietruck is out!

Cubietruck users, good news for you!
After a long while I’m finally proud to announce that Volumio is now available also for Cubietech’s Cubietruck ! As I said before, I really consider Cubietruck a great platform. Some features that amazes me are:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wifi+BT wireless connection with antenna on-board
  • SATA 2.0 interface support 2.5′ HDD where our music library can be stored
  • I2s headers available on Board
  • S\PDIF Audio out on Board
  • Gets to your door with a nice acrylic case and 2,5” HDD connectors (not with a PSU tough…)
  • IR Receiver

Here is how it looks like:


So, let’s see what the Volumio + Cubietruck combo is capable of:

  • Bitperfect Playback via USB, HDMI, S\PDIF, I2S (untested)
  • Every fileformat available supported  (FLAC, MP3, AAC, ALAC etc.)
  • UPNP\DLNA and Airplay capability
  • Music Library on NAS, USB Key or SATA HDD (requires additional steps, see here)
  • Connect via Wi-fi to access Volumio WebUI
  • An handy script which turns the blinding flashing cubietruck’s LEDs when Volumio is on.
  • IR Driver to allow Remote Control via LIRC (requires additional steps, here for Raspberry PI)


As usual, you’ll find the Cubietruck image in the download section. Since this is the first release on Cubietruck, please report your experience in this thread!



PS: A big thank to Igor Pečovnik, thanks to his excellent Distro for Cubietruck I solved most of my doubts on this platform. This Volumio release includes some of his work, like the Kernel and the LED off script. Thank you Igor, kudos!


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