Volumio mobile apps: the perfect Android and iOS Companions for your music player

Wondering which mobile apps can be the perfect companions for your Volumio? Here they are!

Since Volumio features its integrated WebUi, some people may argue that we don’t need any app. But what if those apps would extend and improve some Volumio capabilities? What if they made just your favourite music Player better?

Well, today we’ll give you an overview of the best Android and iOS apps for Volumio:

Official Apps

Even though using apps with Volumio is by any mean optional, both Android and iOS Volumio apps offer a nice bonus in ease of use: they will automatically find your Volumio device and show the Playback User Interface in all its full-screen glory.

They offer the capability also to set up a fixed IP address to bind to (useful if the auto-search fails or if you want to use mainly one device) and the Android app even comes with a notification facility to quickly interact with your Volumio.

To get the Volumio official apps just click on the links below and select your platform!

Get Android Volumio app on Google PlayGet iOS Volumio app App StoreGet Android Volumio app on Amazon

Sound@home for Volumio

Not only this was the first and most loved companion app for Volumio, developed by Digix. What makes this app special is that allows a super easy configuration of your Volumio (it will automatically connect to your wireless network of choice), and allows to control easily a multi-room Volumio setup. Altough this does not feature synced playback is just great to play your favourite music in all the rooms of your home.

Get Sound@home for Volumio from Playstore


Here are some screenshots:





Welcome Home

Welcome home is an Android application that lets you start playback of a music playlist in one of your Volumio devices, as soon as your device connects to the wifi network. It has been developed to play your favourite music as soon as you come back home. A nice welcome back home!

Configuring Welcome Home is fast and easy. You are guided through a wizard where Volumio devices are searched in your network, their playlists downloaded and shown for selection. When configuration is completed the automatic playback is activated. Multiple configurations can be created so multiple playbacks can be triggered.

Welcome Home is an Android application that can be downloaded from Google Play for a small fee. Money requested for the application will assure that no advertising or in app purchases are going to be introduced in the future. Furthermore, Welcome Home for Volumio has been developed by Massimiliano Fanciulli, one of the core Volumio contributors, so getting his app is a nice way to express him gratitude for the amazing work he’s doing on Volumio.

Get Welcome home from Playstore

Here are some screenshots:




That’s all folks! Let us know what you think about these apps in the comments below, share the article if you liked it and don’t forget to rate those amazing apps!


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