Your favourite Audiophile music player for Rasperry PI, reinvented

Your favourite Audiophile music player for Rasperry PI is back, in a total new shape and form.

We’ve worked hard to deliver the perfect Music Player \ Audio Streamer \ Music Server during this long year of development. And since it has reached a reasonably stable level of stability, here’s a full explanation of what you’re going to find in Volumio2. Let’s explore the most notable additions and changes.

I2S DAC Auto-detection


I2S DACs are somehow the best chance to get great Audio quality out of our little PI, at a very reasonable cost. Therefore Volumio should work like a breeze with them. And that’s what we achieved. Just connect your IQ-Audio DAC Plus or Hifiberry to your Pi, and turn it on. Without any configuration it will be ready to play and configure to get the last bit out of your music. Since this is an heavily kernel-dependent feature autodetection works only with the two models above, but the good news is that for non-autodetected i2s DACs you can just select them from Playback options and they will be active right away. Some of them may still require a reboot, but you’ll be asked to do so.



Volumio now speaks your language. Just go to the appearance section, and select yours. Not finding it? You can join the many volunteers in the community which translated Volumio in their language, and give a substantial contribution to the project.

Wireless Hotspot if no Wireless Network is configured


The first time you will turn Volumio on, it will create an open wireless network named, guess what, “Volumio”. Just connect to it, and the UI will automatically appear. From there, you can easily connect to your wireless network, and the hotspot will disappear. Then, when you bring Volumio out of home with you, it will create the Volumio network again. Isn’t that handy?
Please note that at the moment, the Hotspot function works best with the Edimax EW-7811Un. Other wireless adapters will most likely not work, but wireless connectivity will not be affected.

Seamless Wireless Connection


Wireless connection as easy as can be. Nothing more to say here…

Easy NAS (Network Attached Storage) mounts


For lots of our users, mounting their NAS has always been a pain in the… Not anymore. Just go to My Music, Add a new drive and let Volumio figure out which NAS are available. Select yours and click save. If an authentication is required, Volumio will ask. Now you just need to look your Music Library statics get bigger and bigger. And if you’re adding new music to your NAS (or USB drive), Volumio will figure it out and add it automatically.

A plugin universe


We have a wonderful community. Lot of brilliant music lovers around here. So here’s a way for them to shape Volumio features directly: we prepared a Plugin system which will allow everyone to create new features. We’re talking about new streaming services support, equalizers, scrobblers… you name it. We’re working on a comprehensive documentation, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a better-than-ever Spotify integration.

OTA (Over the air updater system)


The idea here is to flash once your SD Card, and then update your Volumio as you do with your Smartphone or any other consumer product. We created a very stable, fast and scalable updater system (really appreciated in our OEM Program as well) designed to do just that. Furthermore, the system is designed to protect the SD Card from wearing, as the core system is a read-only image. Also, you can update without loosing your settings and data, thanks to persistent user-data partition.

Live Search


Search whatever you want to listen to, and our live search will serve what you were looking for, divided by artist, album or track. You will also get results from Webradios, and if your plugin supports that, also from it (Spotify someone? Go and try to see how Spotify searches look…).

An adaptive WebUI


Thanks to all the feedbacks from our community, we understood that a responsive WebUi was not enough. Using the very same layout on Desktop and Mobile and simply resizing the elements was not enough. So we decided to get back on our mockups and design a different, mobile-centric experience on smaller screens. The result is an adaptable, aka it chages the layout substantially, on mobile to improve comfort and usability. For example, important playback controls are on the lower part of the screen, to allow an easy reach (when using a mobile with just one hand). All important controls are within your thumbs reach. The volume slider is also located there, allowing a no-scroll experience and a more fine grained volume control. To pass from tab to tab, for example from playback to browse, you can simply swype left or right (or use the tab buttons on top). I think this is a major usability improvement.

I really hope you will enjoy the new Volumio as much as we did creating it. A huge thanks goes to all contributors, community members and users that contributed in every way. You can tell us what you think in this forum post or report problems in our issue tracker. If you want to contribute, you can also donate via paypal or get one of our selected products in Volumio Shop.

As usual you can download it at the download section

And that’s only the beginning…


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