MyVolumio is finally available for all Volumio users

MyVolumio is finally live!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Volumio Team is proud to announce that MyVolumio beta phase is now over, and that starting from today it will be available to everyone!

If you’re late to the party and don’t know what MyVolumio is, here’s a quick recap for you:

MyVolumio is a set of premium features, together with some cloud wizardry that expand Volumio capabilities. Specifically:

  • TIDAL and QOBUZ native implementations (so you can enjoy those two Streaming Services in their full Hi-Res glory
  • Automatic syncing and backup of Favourites, Playlists and Webradios (and they do get automatically imported on new installs too!)
  • Remote Control of your devices from (so you will be able to control your devices remotely, and without messing with IP addresses or Dynamic DNS stuff…)

And the fun is not over here: thanks to the cloud infrastructure we’ve set up for MyVolumio, we will be able to bring you even more functionalities in the near future (such as CD Playback and Ripping, Remote Streaming of your files, Synced Multiroom Playback, Auto-Updates and so on). If you’re curious to see why we developed MyVolumio you will find a pretty comprehensive explanation in this post and in this forum thread.

I would really like to thank you all beta testers that participated in the MyVolumio Beta testing program: thanks to your help we are now able to deliver this amazing addition for all our beloved users!

So, if you’re eager to get started, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Update your Volumio install or download it and flash it (you’re looking for version 2.501 onwards)
  2. Create your MyVolumio account. You can do it either from Volumio’s User Interface or from
  3. From your profile page, select  “Upgrade your Plan” and select your favourite flavour of awesomeness: Virtuoso 2,99 euros/month and 28,99 euros/year or Superstar 6,99 euros/month and 66,99 euros/year.
  4. From now on you will see TIDAL and QOBUZ settings into My Music section and you will be able to control your device remotely from (click on the play button next to your device).

By selecting one of our Premium Plans, not only you’ll get the aforementioned features, but you will actively support our project (and fund the development of the next great features we have in mind).

If you want to experience the best Volumio has to offer and support the project SUBSCRIBE NOW TO MYVOLUMIO!



I really wish to say a huge thank you to everyone which joined MyVolumio in the first 3 days of release. We really had an overwhelming response, well beyond our most optimistic expectations (we got hundreds of MyVolumio subscriptions in the first 3 days).

A sincere thank you to whom subscribed, to who will do it and to everyone which participated to development and discussion of MyVolumio!

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