New Version of Volumio for Rpi – Bugfixes and improvements

A bugfix new version of Volumio for Raspberry PI…

The new changes are:

– More stable system
– Playback should stutter no more on problematic systems
– Shairport no more resamples to 48 khrtz, but 44,1 instead
– FFmpeg library enabled, so no-one of your music files will be left out
– Hosts fixed
– Now shutdown command actually shuts the pi down instead of rebooting
– Fixed system halting after rebooting while playing
– A minor tweak that results in sonic improvements

You are advised that in order to get the best audio quality, just go to playback, select hardware mixer and then hit save. This way the system tailors itself to your very DAC.

As usual, you’ll find this release in torrent and sourceforge link, please help by seeding it!

You can discuss about that on Volumio Forum


Let me know what is solved and what is not. Hope for you guys a merry Christmas! And of course a brilliant new year, where you’ll find what you’re looking for.

A big hug


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