Our OEM & Enterprise Custom Solutions can help you create a unique audio system.

Why Volumio?

We deliver you extraordinary audio experiences. The reliability & performance of a system trusted & enhanced by 300K+ music fans. Tailored & branded features, transform it into the ideal partner for your unique audio products.

Unlock your product’s potential

Volumio’s OEM & Enterprise Custom Solutions support a wide range of different applications and use-cases. Whichever is right for you, our friendly & experienced team is on hand to offer you the following support and guidance:
  • Custom Features and Applications
  • User Interface Branding
  • OTA Update System
  • System Integration
  • Hardware Advisory
  • Flexible Licensing
  • Dedicated Development and Support Team

Our partners

Case Studies

We’re proud to have worked with global audio brands to enhance their products.

Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra

Pro-Ject Audio system is regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the industry and their digital products are quite distinctive.

The Stream Box S2 Ultra packs an unparalleled set of features in a really tiny form factor. Its hardware design is the brainchild of legendary John Westlake and we worked side by side with him and Pro-Ject to deliver an highly-optimized version of Volumio. Pro-Ject was not only keen to have all the latest Streaming services integrations but also to make sure the usability of the product was top notch, and we dedicated all our expertise to fine-tune the user experience.

We are especially proud of this great little music machine, and we were extremely pleased when it received the EISA Award as The best streamer of 2018-2019. We’re even more to witness the ongoing enthusiastic reaction given to it by public and press

Stack-Audio Link

Stack-Audio is one of the most promising Hi-Fi startups and we immediately acknowledged the huge potential of their approach: combine technical excellence with a refreshing design approach.

We like underdogs, and that’s why we created our startup program: to offer our software expertise and services to innovators, allowing them to grow in a sustainable way. The link is a full-fledged streamer that benefits from their in-house developed custom application, made possible by using our rich set of APIs.

Minidsp SHD

Minidsp is a manufacturer of highly technological audio gear that over the years has evolved at a great pace thanks to the quality of its proposition.

The Minidsp SHD project started to bring together in a single product their excellent DSP Engine with a state of the art streamer. We helped Minidsp overcome some technical challenges given the peculiarity of their design and provided with a customized Volumio version to accommodate the demands of their customer-base. We also consulted and developed an ad-hoc communication protocol between their Microcontroller and Volumio, to ensure the best possible functional integration.

The outcome is a uniquely brilliant product, with a superb sound and unmatched performances thanks to its DSP integration.


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Volumio PRO – Your Business Audio Solution!

Discover Volumio PRO, our specialized solution for businesses in retail, hospitality, and entertainment. Possible with AUDINATE DANTE PROTOCOL. Whether for compact spaces or large venues, our customizable audio solution seamlessly integrates into professional environments:

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