Big News for Android Users: The new version of Sound@home for Volumio App is here!

If you have been part of the Volumio community since the beginning, you’ve probably heard about and tried the app Sound@home for Volumio. This project was born pretty much at the same time the first versions of Volumio were released… and yes, a long time ago. Today I want to re-introduce this app given that a completely new version was just released, improving significantly its functionality. All done by one incredible mind and Volumio contributor, Diego Tafuto.

Sound@home is a native app available for all android devices. It allows full control of Volumio with many features available, and an important thing to mention: it is completely free!

I should point out this app is a part of something bigger. Diego has started Sound@home first, as a part of a project that he would like to cover, one step at a time, entire home automation, being passionate not only about Hi Fi music but also IoT.
But enough writing, let’s jump to the cool part and see all the things you can do with Sound@home app for Volumio, shall we?
Soundhome-volumio-playerA completely renovated User Interface making the app more intuitive and of course, good looking! And if you prefer to use your device horizontally, you can surely do it!


Sound@home for Volumio App allows you to configure and control multiple Volumio devices in your home from the same App.
With one click you can search and automatically configure your device (once Volumio has been configured the first time via WEB UI).
Once configured on the app, even if the device is later moved to another network or room, Sound@home is able to recognize it automatically without any further configuration by the user.


soundhome-qobuz-volumioYou can install new plugins and configure them as well as all the different Volumio configuration options. It also supports Qobuz and has its own widget to facilitate the user experience. First, you will need to login to your Qobuz account via the Volumio UI and later you will be able to command Qobuz via the Sound@home App.


It allows you to rearrange the queue of your songs by simply dragging and dropping them.
In the next version to be released soon, it will also support the “swipe left” and “swipe right” gesture to switch between sections
Currently it doesn’t allow streaming the same song on multiple devices; but when it becomes available at Volumio, works will be done to have the same functionality in the Sound@home app.  Soundhome-volumio-playerFor additional help, you can find some “How To” videos in the official Sound@home Youtube Channel
Of course, we cannot end the post without introducing the great mind behind the project. In his own words, Diego told us a couple of things about himself:

I’m a simple person, passionate about Hi-Fi music and IoT. Even if I’m an engineer the Sound@home project is just one of the ways to express my passion for technology and the possibility the technology can simplify and enjoy our life.

In the past, I was also a DJ and at that time I started to love Hi-Fi music and all the related world.

I think everyone should have the possibility to enjoy the music they love in a simpler and economic way, especially the Hi-Fi music that will give a difference. Volumio is one of the possible solutions and Sound@home will permit to spread more the Volumio knowledge on the market.

I’m alone at the moment on developing the Sound@home and until I can I will continue to improve it.

In the past, there was a stop on Sound@home improvements due to the fact a new baby came into my life. He completely fills my life with his happiness, joy and a lot of stuff to manage 🙂 but now I’m back with more energy to be spent on my dream, bringing hopefully it to a new level.

The new version of the App will always include new services or new possibilities of control! Stay tuned…

Are you ready to try it out?

Download for free the Sound@home for Volumio Android App here and let us know what you think!

Write it in the comments section or email Diego at digx At


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