sound@home – Open Source multi room Audio system with Volumio and Android

Open Source multi room Audio system with Volumio and Android…


one of the new features that you may have noticed on Volumio is multi room audio system support via sound@home, the brand new, shiny, uberfantastic app made by fellow Volumio contributor Diego Tafuto.

This app (available on google play) does a great job of being a remote client for Volumio. I must actually admit that it behaves generally better than the native Volumio’s WebUi on mobile phones. Here’s a first screenshot:




So you got plenty of playback options right into main screen, I must admit this is pretty straightforwarding! Furthermore, you are also able to configure Volumio, with most of the otpion you may find on it’s native WebUi. So definetely a good work, Diego!!!

Then, the real candy. The veterans of RaspyFi may know that one of my dreams was to make it suitable for multi room audio system playback, well, after an year he finally did it! You can configure Volumio to serve 5 different locations, they could be rooms, floors or whatever. Just place five different Volumio powered devices, connected to the same network, whenever you want, and add them to sound@home:

En_Camere_menu (1)

Then you can select which position to sound what, or even to sync them alltogheter:


Fantastic, isn’t it?

But let’s put apart some enthusiastic announcements, and let’s stop and think it  on for a while. Personally, I believe that with Volumio and sound@home is finally possible to build a multi room audio system at a cost of a fraction (and I mean a little, little fraction) of commercial solutions. Just multiply the cost of your favourite Volumio powered device, and you got your quote.
Some say it sounds really good also…

So, I’ll let you judge by yourself and leave you with some few words from Diego:

Hi, my name is Diego,  also known as digx.
Why I decided to develop something like Sound@home?
Simply my passion brought me to know Michelangelo’s RaspyFi and Volumio projects; so I thought that this could have been the best starting point for achieve my dream to develop an home system.

At the end we successfully started a great collaboration with results you can see today.

Sound@home is based on the assumption that when every kind of tool or application is developed,
the first impact users have is on how they can control it.
Here comes the well known sentence: “Power is nothing without control!” …
This is why Sound@home Android application is born.

With Sound@home application you can now control the Volumio OS to spread your favourite Music and Radio to your home.
But more, you can use Volumio with multiple devices to have a Multi Rooms system thanks to Sound@home.
Sound@home will permit you to configure multiple devices with Volumio with very simple and intuitive UI and automatic configuration.
You will simply control each of your room preferred music just with your Android phone or Tablet.
You need to try it to enjoy it; so try to downlaod on your phone/Tablet and feel free to give me any feedback at:


So, what are you wating for ? You can find sound@home on Play or hit that QR!qrcode (5)

Let us know what you think about Volumio + sound@home multiroom audio system via comments below, or discuss it on the sound@home forum thread!

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