Stream Music via TIDAL Connect and Volumio


It has been exactly one year since we released the TIDAL Connect feature on Volumio, one of the most expected features since TIDAL released it at the end of 2020.  As many of you have known Spotify Connect for a long time, TIDAL Connect is basically the same, but for hi-res audio. And if you are hearing it for the first time, TIDAL Connect streams music from the TIDAL app to a TIDAL Connect-enabled device, in this case, your Volumio device.

As we all heard your feedback in this past year, what is wonderful about this feature, is the convenience and the ease of use and the availability to control your music not only from the Volumio UI but also from your TIDAL app. To get started with TIDAL Connect is pretty simple. You need: The TIDAL app downloaded on your mobile or tablet and your Volumio device with our Premium subscription.

Set up TIDAL Connect on Volumio

First, make sure you have logged in on MyVolumio Virtuoso or Premium on your device. Then on your mobile, open the TIDAL app and choose the track you want to play and head to the “Now Playing” page. You will see on the top right a device icon, click over there to see all the available devices to connect.

Since your Volumio device has TIDAL connect enabled, you will see your device in the option with the TIDAL Connect written underneath. Click on the device and TIDAL Connet will be connected. You will see the changes on the Now Playing page as shown in the image below. Now TIDAL Connect is active on your Volumio device and you are ready to listen to your favorite music!




You can control everything directly from the TIDAL app. Plus, if you have the Volumio UI open, you will see all the information about the track you are playing, as the metadata from TIDAL is all sent to Volumio and you can play, skip, and pause from Volumio.

TIDAL Connect with Volumio Multiroom Sync Playback


Multiroom Option


Tip: with the Multiroom Sync Playback feature on Volumio, you can stream TIDAL Connect to all your Volumio devices available in the same network. Once you enable TIDAL Connect on one device, go on the Volumio playback page and click on the multiroom icon. Group your current device with all the other Volumio devices you want* (*up to 6).


And the final step: play your music at full blast in all your rooms and enjoy!

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