TIDAL Connect is now available on Volumio!


Since the beginning, Volumio’s vision has always been to keep the ongoing search to provide solutions that enhance the way people listen to music. To continue this purpose, we focus on two main things for Volumio; to provide the highest sound quality possible and in the most convenient and ease of use approach. 

This vision resulted in a great partnership with the leader in hifi music streaming, TIDAL. And today, a new feature that will provide Volumio and TIDAL users the finest music experience is finally released on Volumio: TIDAL Connect. 

Over two years ago we incorporated the TIDAL Native Integration feature on Volumio, giving the chance for users to interact with TIDAL directly for the Volumio UI. With TIDAL Connect, we want to give our community what matters most: more options and more comfort. Whether you prefer to manage their TIDAL music content via their app or the Volumio UI, now the choice exists.

TIDAL Connect superb new feature is now available for MyVolumio users, giving a seamless experience to listen to your favorite music from the comfort of the TIDAL app. If you haven’t heard of TIDAL Connect before, let us tell you the advantages you can get with the TIDAL Connect feature in Volumio.tidal-connect-volumio-app

What is TIDAL Connect and the benefits of it on Volumio?

If you haven’t heard of TIDAL Connect before, it is a fairly new feature of the Norwegian music streaming service released back in November 2020.  Basically, you can stream your music directly from the cloud to supported third-party devices. And as of today, all Volumio devices are TIDAL Connect supported and ready to play on! 

Think of it as the same concept as Spotify Connect. TIDAL Connect works the same way: from your phone, computer or tablet, with a click on the TIDAL app, you can cast all your music content to your Volumio device.

Here is better news for audiophiles and music lovers! In addition to easily controlling your music straight from the TIDAL app, you get two more important benefits from it: TIDAL Connect lets you stream all the HIFI music in lossless quality and provides gapless playback. 

The TIDAL connect feature is now available to all MyVolumio Virtuoso and Superstar users.

Whether you have Volumio Primo, or Volumio installed on the official platforms, these will all be compatible with the TIDAL Connect feature. 

How do I get started with TIDAL Connect on MyVolumio?

To use the TIDAL Connect feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure both of your devices are connected to the same network.

2. Update Volumio to the latest version v2.878

3. Login to your MyVolumio –Virtuoso or Superstar– account on the Volumio UI.


4. Make sure your TIDAL app version is on or above: 

– iOS: v2.16.0 or LaterAndroid: v2.32.0 or Later 

5. Open the TIDAL app from your phone, computer or tablet;

6. Go to the Now Playing page,

7. Click on the “Sound Output” icon and choose your Volumio device.

Now you can listen to your favorite music for hours; uninterrupted and without any limitations in the quality of the music you are listening to. Can’t get any better than this!

This could not have been achieved without the phenomenal community that gives us their inputs and suggestion to continue to improve Volumio. To Mervin and our developer’s team who worked on the integration of this feature for Volumio, and to the TIDAL Connect team to give us their support and a pleasant experience implementing this feature.

Now is time for you to try it out by login into your MyVolumio Virtuoso or Superstar account!

And if you haven’t subscribed to one yet…

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