Volumio Android Apps

Using an Android phone to enjoy Volumio? Good news for you!

Volumio Android APPs

What’s better than a WebUi? Apps!! And some talented Volumio members and android  app developers just released some great companion Volumio android  companon apps! Here they are!

Volumio Spotify Share

Volumio Spotify Share Androd APP

Volumio Spotify Share Androd APP

With this App you’ll be able to use the official Spotify App on your Android device, and send the tracks directly to Volumio! To do that, just hit Share -> Post on -> Others -> Send To Volumio. Fatto!  (you need of course Volumio configured with A Spotify Premium Account).

Kudos to Volumio’s member Abnd for creating and releasing it! Here is the original forum thread  about this great app

You can grab it from the Volumio Play Store account HERE. And don’t forget to leave a good rating and your feedback!

Volumio Wep App


An handy shortcut to Volumio’s WebUI, packed with Material Design goodness! Can’t imagine a handier companion App for Volumio!

Just insert the Volumio’s IP and hit connect!


Great work by MoeJoe! Say thanks to him on the original Volumio Web App forum thread

All you need to do is point your browsers HERE and hit Install! Also, help us with good ratings and your feedback!


Sound@Home for Volumio


The very first and most used Android App for Volumio, it allows you to enjoy a completely free Raspberry Pi Multi-Room system! Since it was launched, one year ago, it has been constantly updated and refined by great Digix. You can post your suggestions, and thanks on its forum thread. You can also donate a small amount to author, by purchasing the donation app. It really deserves it.

Grab it here, on Digix Play Store Account.


A huge thanks to them for developing such great companion Volumio apps! Enjoy!



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