Volumio Audiophile Music Player 1.5 for Cubox-i, Cubietruck, UDOO and Beaglebone

Volumio 1.5 is finally available for Cubox-i, Cubietruck,UDOO, BeagleBone and all other supported platforms.

Big release today: every Volumio supported platform has been updated with latest 1.5 release. Here are just some of the improvements:

  • All Cubox-i variants and Hummingboard supported.
  • Spotify Playback
  • Direct DSD Playback on compatible Hardware
  • UPNP with OhMedia Support
  • Improved Library TAB
  • Fastest Boot on Wi-fi
  • Lot of WebRadios included (thank you jprjr)

Here you can find the complete list of 1.5 and here a complete changelog. This release is available for:

As usual you can download it on the Downloads Page


As you can see Volumio supports quite a wide range of Embedded Single Board computers. I started looking around for new devices to support. There is a poll going on in this thread. It seems that the next candidate will be Intel NUC. Imagine what kind of Audiophile Music Player with Volumio this can be…

Do you agree? Want something else? Let us know in the poll. And don’t forget to give your feedback on the appropriate feedback thread. Enjoy!


About Michelangelo Guarise

Passionate. Heretical. Deeply in love with Technology and Music. I live in Florence, Italy where I teach Interaction Design and Marketing. I'm Volumio's founder and CEO, and I love every second of this great adventure. My audio gear is some strange mix of valve and digital amplifiers, all self built in some cold winter sleepless nights. And I just can't turn that volume knob down.

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