Volumio for Compulab Utilite

Volumio for Compulab Utilite. Integrated Wi-Fi, S/PDIF, IMX6 dual or quad core processors.

The postman hates me. I see him quite too much, and I know that when someone rings early in the morning, he’s him delivering fines or fancy electronic gizmos.
This time, I’m really proud to announce that he delivered a shiny Compulab Utilite mini PC. Some days ago I got a suggestion from one Volumio user (thank you  hassellbear!) to get in touch with Compulab and see what could be done to port Volumio on Utiltite Computer. So why is this a really good news? 


As you may see the Compulab Utilite has a great form factor. Boxed, nice to see, and cleverly thought (you can’t see from picture, but the top is made of polished metal, and gives the unit a really good solid feel). The dimensions are comparable to a small router.
The specs are also quite interesting also. It relies on IMX6 platform, which I know very well (UDOO and Cubox-I are based on the same architecture) and is the current top performing one in the embedded scenario.
Porting Volumio on that will be a great value for those looking to have a ready to play, and nice to see Audiophile Music Player.
Let’s examine Utilite’s connectivity options:


You can just see you’ve got plenty of flexibility out of that. What I really like is:

  • Great form factor: nice to see and solid build
  • IMX6 dual or Quad Core processors, with 2 gb of RAM available (someone said Ramplay?)
  • Coaxial S/PDIF out (and a coaxial cable comes bundled)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi with external antenna
  • Two USB ports in the Front

So I think that Utilite and Volumio will be a great combo, as an Audiophile Music Player. I will for sure think on a way to use all this options (like double ethernet…) . But really think I’m going to have fun with that, I received the Compulab Utilite Standard and in my opinion this is your best bet in the range of Compulab’s with Volumio.

So, thanks Compulab for this donation, and really think that this machine will make lots of Volumio users happy…

Development has just started…

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