Volumio is here for a thousand more years!


You’ve probably heard it before, but we are prepared for whatever happens in the future. Some place far away (being specific, between mainland Norway and the North Pole) there is this remote island called Svalbard, where over a million plant’s seeds are protected in the global seed vault hundred meters into a mountain. In case the world encounters any disasters, there are our future generations we need to think of. Therefore, we know precautionary measures had been taken.

However, there are other things being preserved over there that we believe are important for the next generation. What about music? Have you thought about how the world of music and streaming will be in a thousand years? We can imagine it today, but we don’t know exactly for sure. But in a thousand years, people will definitely know about today’s music and streaming. Specially about Volumio, because plant seeds are not the only thing being protected in the Svalbard archipelago…

Volumio is part of history

We have discovered that Github introduced its Archive program, a data repository conserved in the Arctic World Archive (AWA), where many open source softwares have been stored in the Github Arctic Vault, a facility 250 meters deep in the Arctic mountain. And we could not believe it when we received the news and found out that Volumio is one of the open source softwares archived in the Github Arctic Code Vault! It gives me the chill just even writing it…


Github, being called the world’s leading software development platform, decided to established their Archive program with its partners to save the best and consequential open source softwares to preserve them for all future generations, being the purpose protecting these OSS by storing various copies, on an ongoing basis, across various data formats and locations so many years later, next generations will be able to learn and understand how technology is today.

It is a hidden cornerstone of modern civilization, and the shared heritage of all humanity. The mission of the GitHub Archive Program is to preserve open source software for future generations.

Future historians will be able to learn about us from open source projects and metadata.” – Github Archive Program Site. 

A celebration for many years

Volumio has been selected officially as one of the most important OSS Project in the world. Since July 8, 2020, our open source software is now being stored in what it used to be a decommissioned coal mine hundreds of meters deep in the remote island, on silver halide film designed to last over 1,000 years! A proud and important step forward we couldn’t have ever imagined, having the possibility of being protected and remembered for many years ahead. We couldn’t be more proud to announce the excitement of being part of the world’s future and to learn how important our project is it today and it will be tomorrow.

This goes without saying that this achievement is thanks to all the developers and members of a community that made Volumio a reality, every contribution made must be celebrated! Without all the contributors, Volumio wouldn’t have been a dream come true.

Today, let’s celebrate we are all part of history.


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