Volumio Introduces Supersearch: Music Discovery with AI Search Technology


There’s been a recent buzz about Artificial Intelligence and its potential to revolutionize our world. The tireless minds at Volumio have harnessed this power to elevate musical experiences. Over the past months, we’ve woven OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into the very fabric of Volumio. Making Volumio one of the first music apps to integrate an AI search function within its interface
So, please welcome Volumio’s new release: Volumio AI.
The first beta release of Volumio’s integrated AI search occurred in early June. Our Volumio Community shared their experience and feedback. This helped us improve the release as much as we could before launching. It’s important to note, however, that this feature set will keep on improving over time, so make sure you let us know your feedback on the Volumio Community thread.

Supersearch: The AI Search Where Music Meets Curiosity


Picture this: you’re in the mood for some tunes, and instead of a regular search, you can type in questions, just like you’re chatting with a buddy or a record store guru. It’s like having a musical oracle at your fingertips. You might be asking for the perfect summer disco dance tracks or craving some Italian funk to spice up your playlist. You could even ask for songs fit for a sunny Sunday. The results of the AI search might not hit the bullseye every time, but it’s all about the thrill of the hunt, discovering new music, and crafting playlists that resonate with you.

To unlock Supersearch head to the search bar and toggle the ordinary/Supersearch switch

ai-search-switch on


And type something like: Rock from the 60s




Or, if you’re feeling like a smooth operator: Smooth Jazz from England



Or, ask for music similar to your favourite artist: Word Music like Manu Chao


Related Artists and Albums: The Rabbit Hole

Volumio knows that there’s great joy in falling down the rabbit hole of musical discovery. So, we’ve added a feature that presents you with related artists and albums as you browse. It’s like exploring a never-ending maze of music. And the best part? If those related artists or albums are hiding in your library, streaming, or local, Volumio’s Supersearch will be able to access them. The related artists appear in the album or artist page with related suggestions

To see related artists or albums select an Artist or Album, if they are in your library (again streaming or local) you can directly browse them and Volumio will suggest related albums or artists below the album or artist description.


Need more than just sticky fingers?


Or want more Amy?

Infinity Playback: Where the Music Never Sleeps

Introducing: Infinity Playback. It’s like having your own personal DJ who never runs out of tracks. Imagine this: You reach the end of your queue and Volumio automatically loads approximately ten new tracks that are intricately related to your library. These tracks come from your carefully curated collection of local or streaming files. With Infinity playback you find yourself in a never-ending musical journey, with no bounds.
Enable Infinity Playback by clicking on the “Infinity” Icon on the playback page:


Or, from your queue view:


Tweaking the Stage: A Sleek, Optimized Experience

At Volumio, we haven’t stopped revolutionizing your music discovery. So, We’ve taken it a step further by giving the artist and album presentations a subtle yet noticeable makeover. The result? A less cluttered and more refined interface that allows the music to shine through. Navigating through your cherished artists and albums becomes effortless, optimizing your visual experience.


All these great features, except for related albums/artists are exclusively available for Volumio Premium users

Try Volumio AI and make the switch to premium!

If you’re already enjoying our free version of Volumio and don’t want to miss out on Volumio AI, upgrading to Volumio Premium is all you need to do. Simply log in to your myVolumio account, go to your account profile, select “Upgrade Plan”, and click to Upgrade Plan below the Premium account panel. And remember: new users have the chance to try Volumio Premium for free for 14 days!

New to Volumio? Don’t worry, you can get started in less than 10 minutes!

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