Volumio for Raspberry PI B+

Raspberry PI B+ is on my table, flashed with Volumio and… nothing happened

It should have been obvious to me: ethernet and USB controller have been changed, so they need new modules and firmwares to work. So, the solution is simply to update the Raspberry Pi firmware (A.k.a. Kernel, modules and elf files).

To do this, there’s the handy Rpi-update utility by Hexxeh. Is it already included in Volumio. So if you already have an ordinary model B laying around and running Volumio just do:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install binutils

sudo rpi-update

and wait for it to finish…

Your MicroSD Card is now ready to boot with the brand new PI B+ .


Alternatively, I made a minor release (1.41) which will work out of the box both with standard model B and Raspberry PI B+. Plus it comes with latest WebUI and some minor tweaks and bugfixes:

– Removed Library Tab
– Added Player Name configuration (Works also for Airplay)
– Kernel Upgraded, compatible with B+ model
– Fixed unmuting script
– Improved NAS mounting

Since there could be some unspotted bugs and considering this is a kernel change (which affects quite heavily Sound Quality and behaviours with USB DACs) it has to be considered as a testing release, adding that Raspberry PI B+ could have some additional unspotted differences from the original model B.
You’re so invited to provide your feedbacks in this Forum Thread

You can grab Volumio 1.41 on Sourceforge


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